ACRO Police Certificate

This is a sample of the NPCC police certificate.

The certificate can be obtained by filing online at the criminal Records Office:

Applicants with a clean record can expect their application to be processed within 7 – 10 work days. Applicants that have a criminal record may have to wait significantly longer.

To use the certificate for immigration purposes abroad the certificate will need an apostille issued by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO).

If the country in question is not part of the Hague Convention, the certificate will also require the respective UK based Embassy to legalise the document in addition to the FCO.

We offer a same day FCO legalisation service for this document and it is often possible for us to complete certain Embassy’s legalisation process on that same day as well.

To get a quote and an estimation of the timeframes involved – Please complete the QUICK QUOTE information adjacent, or contact us via email or give us a call on 020 8292 4724